44 Tips for Surviving Your First Year of College

I have many freshman in my teacher education course. At William Jessup University, freshman take a seminar to help them learn how to have a successful first year. I found this great infographic created by VisualApogee . I smiled as I read through it because I could relate the tips given – remembering way back to my own freshman experience.  I hope you enjoy the graphic as much as I do! The only thing I would add is sleep.  Go to bed at a reasonable hour. There are many articles relating to the importance of sleep and studying. Two of my favorite are found HERE and HERE.

44 Tips for Surviving Your First Year of College - Learned The Hard Way

by VisualApogee.
Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


I am an Educational Technologist at William Jessup University. I am a passionate, productive follower of Christ who enjoys technology, reading, travel, and baking. My favorites: chocolate, coffee, and cycling!

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2 comments on “44 Tips for Surviving Your First Year of College
  1. Judy Rentz says:

    I think you should consider sending to our students!

  2. katyhancock says:

    This definitely seems to be spot on, and I’m pleased to say that I seem to be doing college the right way :)

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Pam Jimison

Pam Jimison

Educational Technologist

I am a passionate, productive, follower of Christ serving at William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA. I work as the Educational Technologist, adjunct faculty, and student teacher supervisor. I have taught 24 years in K-12 education, as well as experience working as a Technology Coordinator and school principal.

I enjoy cycling, blogging, baking, teaching, and technology!

I eat chocolate every day.

Visit my BLOG at http://wjuedtech.wordpress.com


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