I’ve tried to think about how to best share ideas with my co-workers. Moodle? Email? Blog? So – I am testing out a blog. I’ve blogged for years and love it. The hardest thing is telling others about the blog – and having them follow it!

Through this blog, I hope to share tidbits of information that will help staff and faculty at WJU. There are so many excited technology resources – many for free – that can aide in productivity, creativity, and improving work. This will be my “sharing” area. Please follow this blog so that you will receive the content when it is added weekly.

The first thing I want to share with you is ThingLink! It’s a fun tool that allows you to add “tags” to pictures. If you use Facebook, you know about tagging. So why would you want to tag a picture? I immediately thought about teaching. First, let me show you an example of a WJU ThingLink:

Wouldn’t this be a great marketing idea? It’s a one-step info area. By clicking on the picture, visitors can view videos and get information. Of course, more could be added – .pdf’s, links to other pages and sites, etc.

Teachers – can’t you see this as something you could use with your course? Take science for an example. Have a picture from your unit of study and add links for videos, course material, and web sites of interest.

I tried this with my course. This is an unfinished sample – but it easily embeds into Moodle. Students can use it as a one-stop for weekly material:

Click HERE

Visit ThingLink today – it’s free!


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