7 Apps = a Week of Fun

I love my iPad. The speed, portability, and ease amaze me still. It’s much faster than my Mac, easier to use, and versatile.

So, today’s blog is about my favorite apps.


I begin each morning with devotions. There is something wonderful about my Bible. I love the leather and turning the pages. I enjoy taking notes in my Bible. But my Bible app is also wonderful. I use YouVersion Bible app. Every day it gives me a new daily verse. So many times the verse has been exactly what I needed. The devotional plans that are available are great. And…the Bible app comes with so many versions. I like being able to highlight with different colors, type in notes, and tweet a verse.


An app I love to play with when I can find the time is Colorsplash. Colorsplash allows the user to upload a picture, turn it to black and white, and select portions to add back color. I wish I had a good sample to show you here…but the only one I could find in recent pictures was a cactus from a visit to Arizona!


iFontmaker is a great app for the creative person. If you know me well, you know I love fun fonts. This app allows you to create your own that you can easily upload and use. Love! On a recent trip, I was able to sit and create several new fonts while in the air because no wifi is needed until the font is ready to upload and use!


The Google + app is a must for any instructor wanting to connect with students. I will be giving some training sessions on using Google+ and Hangout with students. It’s easy! Through Google, you can create “circles” of connections. An instructor can create a circle for each class. Then, connect and share with the class through the circle using synchronous or asynchronous communication. The Hangout tool is an easy way to have up to 15 students online at once, face-to-face. It’s an excellent collaboration tool!

Learnist is an app I just downloaded a week ago but it is quickly becoming a favorite. You can follow tags such as “technology”, learn about blogs with that tag, and follow. It’s an easy way to “learn” new information.


Sorry – my photo is sideways but you get the idea! Penultimate is probably my favorite of all. I purchased a stylus and use it to take notes anywhere. The notes are stored in “books”. I can email books or single pages. Penultimate also syncs well with Evernote.

Finally, I enjoy using ShowMe. The ShowMe app allows the user to create screencasts with the tablet/iPad. It is an easy tool for those wanting to “flip” their classroom. PowerPoint files can be uploaded and teachers can talk through the presentation, record, and easily upload the screencast.

So there you have it – 7 apps – a week of fun. What are your favorite apps?


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