Hello, Siri!

(My day off post!)

These past two days I have been on vacation. We decided to spend a few days cycling around Yountville in Napa Valley. Yesterday I decided to spend the day with Siri. I have an iPhone 5 and know I do not use it to its full capabilities. So, I decided to test it out. Here is what Siri was able to do for me:

  • Siri could not understand “Yountville”. She spelled it Yellville, Yeah Ville, Yeah Bill, Youngsville, and Youngville. So, asking Siri to give me directions to Yountville was just about impossible. (Sorry, Siri, but you know it is true.)
  • Siri looked up directions to a cycling store in Fairfield. We realized we didn’t have spare tubes!
  • Siri took notes for me.
  • Siri saved the map to Yountville.
  • Siri took a picture for me out the back window while we drove.
  • 20130615-074805.jpg

  • Siri set a reminder for me to call and check on my dad at 8:00 PM to see how we was feeling from surgery.
  • Siri sent a tweet for me that she was dictating for me.
  • 20130615-074919.jpg

  • Siri tried to help me find our way out of a wrong turn while cycling…but she couldn’t find the road I wanted.
  • Siri sent text messages.
  • Siri called my mom and dad.
  • I asked Siri about the weather, and she reported it to me
  • 20130615-075144.jpg
    As a summary, Siri was able to understand me – most of the time. Using Siri is a great choice for setting reminders, calendar items, dialing, and taking brief notes that can be edited later. I never did figure out how to “teach” Siri a word. If I could have taught her to recognize the word Yountville, she probably would have been able to do everything I needed.

    How have you used Siri?






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