Move to the Cloud

You’ve probably heard the phrase – the cloud. What exactly does that mean? Storing your computer files to the cloud means you are storing the files in a virtualized pool of storage hosted by a third party. In our case, we use Google as our cloud storage – or drive. You may have been saving files from work on your desktop, or in P: (private), S: (shared), M: (departments) or X: (inderdepartment). When you save in this fashion, the files are saved on our server and are either shared for members of that drive, or are private. When you go to use the files, you go have to be logged into our network to access the files.

The Google drive allows you to save files as private or shared. The files may be accessed from anywhere – which is a very convenient feature! You may access the files from home, on a smartphone, tablet, or anywhere in which you have internet access. The files may be edited and shared anytime, anywhere.

Using Google drive, you may share single files or entire folders. When an employee leaves the system, you may remove the sharing feature for that individual with a simple click. When new staff members are added to your department, you may add them to the shared folder or document with a simple click as well. By using Google drive, you may share with teams of individuals within departments and all members have access to the information at all times. Editing documents can also be controlled through an editing on or off button.

Do you want to collaborate over a document? Use the built in chat feature with Google docs and share comments and suggestions.

I save just about everything now to my Google drive. I do this because I know I can access it anytime, anywhere. I also save to the Google drive because it is secure. Not too long ago, my hard drive at home crashed. I was able to salvage some of the items…but not all. Saving to Google means my items will be there even if my laptop dies.

Want to learn more? Be sure to attend our next training session at WJU  (July 10, 10:00 AM). You will enjoy moving to the cloud!


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