Do you like recipes? I do. I like to follow recipes, and every now and then I enjoy creating a recipe. Although I love food recipes, I also enjoy using IFTTT…If This Then That! It’s a service that let’s you make connections between online services using a recipe of triggers and actions.


It simplifies life for me! By using triggers and actions, things get done without me doing anything. (Yes, that sounds very lazy, doesn’t it?) Here are some examples of “recipes” I use:


My first recipe has to do with this blog! When I post to this blog, THEN it will automatically post the blog to my LinkedIn account.


If I get a new follower on Twitter, a tweet is automatically sent to thank them for following.


If I take an Instagram photo, it is posted to Twitter.


The forecast is sent to my Google calendar at 5:00 am every day. I just have to open my Google calendar to view the day’s weather report.


If the forecast calls for rain, I receive a text message the night before reminding me to bring an umbrella!


If I upload a photo to Facebook, then a copy of the photo is sent to my Picasa account.

There are many, many recipes available for you to follow. You can even use it for Craigslist searches! Find one that works for you and try it out! See if it helps simplify small tasks for you! Visit IFTTT.


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