The Best Job…Ever

I have the best job…ever.

You see, I have three things I really enjoy:

teaching, technology, and missions.

Teaching. I like all aspects of it – planning, collaborating, teaching, working with students, creativity, and finding new ways to solve problems.  I also enjoy technology. My mom was a math and computer teacher so I know that technology has been a part of my life for a long time.  I love using my iPad and iPhone, connecting with others, while discovering and learning.  Finally, I am passionate about missions. I have traveled to Mexico; provided Katrina relief; worked in the projects of Brooklyn, New York; and served in Mozambique/Africa, Abaya/Ethiopia, and Sao Paulo/Brazil. I enjoy giving hope and help to the needy. Most of all, I love sharing God’s love and light with those in the dark.

Why is my job the best job…ever? I am able to mix all three of my passions in one place, in one position! As Educational Technologist, I am able to work with faculty and staff teaching them new ways to integrate technology into their courses. As an adjunct instructor, I teach aspiring educators how to use technology not only in their future career but also how to reach the world through technology. Since I work at a Christian university, I am able to help others learn to use the tool of  technology for discipleship and kingdom service.

It is remarkable when I consider that technology can help quicken His coming. “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world for a witness to all the nations, and then the end shall come” (Matthew 24:12).  WJU educators – do you realize how awesome this is? Consider the impact you can have this year in your classrooms as you use technology to reach the world. Use it to bring light to others. Need classroom technology biblical integration ideas? Let me know and we can collaborate together!

photo (2)\

Using the Echo Livescribe Smartpen as a translation tool in Ethiopia. Have you tried one of these pens? LOVE mine!

photo (1)

Most people in the Abaya region of Ethiopia have never seen a picture of themselves.

photo (3)

I gave my World Vision sponsor child a Shutterfly picture album.

Want to sponsor a child? Click here.


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