Add Some POW to your Presentations!

Want to add some POW to your presentations? Powtoon is a fun alternative. It creates animated videos and presentations that move and slide. It is free for limited length and characters. It allows you to choose your background, transitions, music, font, and image additions. Here is my sample:

User friendly? You may have to judge that yourself. They do offer a training guide. I attempted to create a PowToon without the direction and it took me a few tries to get the transitions correct without too much overlap. I wasn’t thrilled with the timing and know that if I was creating it for a special event, I would take the time to work with it more.

To make the PowToon easier, you can opt to use their pre-made samples and edit from there. I used a blank slate. Either way, I like the result and enjoy being able to make something that is fun to watch!

If you end up creating a PowToon, I’d love to share your end result!


One thought on “Add Some POW to your Presentations!

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