3 Fun, New Mobile Apps

I’ve been testing 3 new mobile apps today. They may not be NEW apps, but they are new to me! And everytime I get a “new” app, I spend time exploring it. Today I tested out 3 new apps:  Skitch, CamMe, and Fleksy.

Photo Skitch Document

I must admit, I have seen Skitch several times on the Evernote website because it is linked with Evernote but never really gave it any thought. Now that I downloaded it and have had time to get to know Skitch, I am certain it will be a new found favorite! Watch this video to see how easy it is to mark and label pictures, web sites, and maps:

Faculty and students alike can benefit from the ease and functionality of Skitch. Please note that Skitch does not have to be used only on a mobile device. The website also provides a Windows and Mac download!

CamMe is simply a fun photo tool. It is a “hand gesture driven app” that allows you to take a picture from a distance using a mobile device. I love this! It’s easy to take a single or group photo by placing your iPhone or tablet a distance away and simply holding up your hand and then closing it. It will begin a count down of 3 and then take the photo. Sweet! Here is my test try:


No more trying to hold my camera away from me while I take a picture! Hands free is so…freeing!

My last find was Fleksy. Just during lunch today I was speaking to a friend about my frustration with my thumbs and iPhone typing. Honestly, my thumbs just seem to clumsy for that tiny keyboard! That’s when I found Fleksy! Fleksy to the rescue! And it works.

Fleksy is a keyboard app that makes it easier to type. It recognizes words, says it (if you desire), and swipes for spaces, punctuation, and mistakes. It took me a couple of tries (and reading the instructions) until I got it ~ but now I am hooked.



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