4 of the Best Apps to Record Audio Notes

Have you ever taken notes – and then couldn’t  remember why you wrote down what you wrote? I know I have. Sometimes there are occasions when having an audio file attached to notes is a nice feature.  As an instructor, it has been nice to be able to type notes and be able to record at the same time. I would imagine that this also would be beneficial to students (after asking permission from the instructor to record). Actually, asking permission to record should take place in any session, especially if content is personal or sensitive. I have found using audio notes to be helpful while attending webinars!

1. Evernote is my favorite way to record and take notes especially since it syncs so easily with so many devices. Evernote gives you the option to make a recording and it is free!


Click to add a new note, then click the record button.


2. Soundnote is my second favorite audio note app. It is simple and easy to use. Soundnote tracks what you type and draw while recording. It costs $4.99 from the iTunes store.


3.  Notability is my next app to try. After viewing the web site, all I can say is – I can’t wait to try it! Notability offers an organization system, hand-written or typed notes, audio notes, and the ability to annotate .pdf files as well as auto-sync.  Notability costs $1.99.


4. Audionote is also a great choice. It is $4.99 from the iTunes store and has the capability of synchronizing audio and notes. You can watch as your text and drawings highlight during playback.


Have you used an audio note app? How have you used it and what would you recommend?


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