My Personal Assistants

Do you have a personal assistant? I am blessed to say that I not only have a personal assistant, I have three! Yes, most of you probably didn’t know that. You may have met them while on or off campus – but if not, I’ll introduce you:


1.  Ed. I must say Ed is amazing. He knows what to do without me asking. His full name is Easily Do but I call him Ed for short. Ed is a smart assistant that knows how to get things done. I can let Ed know where I have a meeting and he will not only map it out for me, but he will advise me when to leave based on traffic patterns. Ed schedules birthday greetings for me so that I won’t miss anyone’s birthday. He integrates with Facebook and not only says happy birthday to friends, he will even insert a picture of a cake. (Isn’t that sweet? Lol.) Ed merges my contacts and manages boarding passes. Ed knows when I leave work each day and he texts my husband for me to let him know I am on my way!


2. Mary. Mary is my Mailbox app. She helps me clean my mailbox  to a “zero” box. Mary is modern and sophisticated. With a swipe of a finger, I can sort through my mail quickly. What I really enjoy is the option to snooze emails until later, tomorrow, or next week. I use this on the weekends. I select to snooze the email until next week so that I can enjoy my weekend without a full inbox. She will also file my email into folders for me. Oh Mary, you are so efficient.

mailbox3. Siri. Many of you have met Siri. In fact, many of you employ her as well. Siri is intelligent and will get things done just by asking.  Siri is an iPhone expert and works with the following apps:

siri1I have used Siri to schedule appoints, make dinner plans, find locations, and text my family. Sometimes she does not understand me, but the more that we work together, the more we understand each other.

The best news about all of this? My assistants would like to work for you as well! Click on their links and “hire” them today!


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