Using Doceri as a Presentation Tool!

I’m always searching for new ways to present information. Doceri is one that is intriguing to me and fun to use!

Doceri is an interactive whiteboard app and screencast recorder. Instructors can easily use the drawing tools to draw hand-drawn lesson, graphics, and presentations which can easily be shared as a still image, .pdf, or screencast. Doceri is available as an app for the iPad, or as a computer download. If you do not want to create a hand-drawn lesson, pictures and slides can easily be placed into Doceri creating the ability for the instructor to present, annotate, and save. “Create as many different screencasts as you need, based on any Doceri project. The project itself remains intact no matter how many different screencasts you create or delete.” (Docerci)

There are so many wonderful functions of Doceri.  Here is a sample hand-drawn lesson I created:

Here are a few more videos about Doceri and its capabilities:

The Doceri App is free from iTunes.  Click Here.


One thought on “Using Doceri as a Presentation Tool!

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