My Phone is Bubbling Over!

Every teacher spends a lot of time grading. I’ve found some tools that help ease the grading process. And while these tools may not work for written assignments, they do work for quick checks and formative assessment.  Best of all? They are FREE tools!

1.  QuickKey

QuickKey is an app designed by and for teachers. Click Here to watch QuickKey in action. QuickKey is new! QuickKey eliminates hand grading quizzes, tests, or formative assessments through bubble score technology and your phone camera. You can easily have students fill answers on a bubble score, then quickly scan the answers for immediate results.  QuickKey states that the information can be quickly uploaded into an electronic gradebook. I have used QuickKey for scoring but have not tried the gradebook option.

2. MasteryScan Bubble Sheet Scanning

I am a huge fan of MasteryConnect. It assesses the Common Core Standards and tracks the standards for K-12 students. Now that I work in higher education, I do not have the need for the full priced MasteryConnect account. In order to use the complete bubble score scanning, a full account is needed. However, educators may sign up for the free account which will allow teachers to scan up to 10 questions. This could be useful for tracking quick formative assessments.

3.  Bubblesheet App

The Bubblesheet App is available for iOS or Android. It is also released by MasteryConnect and very similar to the MasteryScan except that Bubblesheet is created to use directly on the iPhone. Rather than scanning a paper bubble sheet, students input answers directly into the app for immediate results.



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