Education Conference and Getting Connected!


This past weekend I was blessed to be able to share at the Education Conference 2013 held at William Jessup University. There were about 24 speakers plus the keynote, Kelly Graham. I spoke on “Engaging Students in the 21st Century” and as I prepared for the conference my thought was…yikes! What a big topic! I wondered why I hadn’t narrowed it down more or focused on one or two things. But, the reflection time gave me great opportunity for researching student engagement. I found that students are engaged when there is novelty, when something is measured and reported, real-world issues are applied, or there are procedures in place! Overall, we know that students must be engaged before they can apply higher order thinking skills. If they are not engaged, they will find something else to do!

I shared digital and non-digital ways to engage learners:

Pair share

Quick write

Use a clapping sequence

Teach your neighbor

Use a fairness cup (stick pick)

Use the element of surprise or humor

Create themes and have students create lapbooks, flipbooks, or minibooks

Allow students to choose their assignment (blog, journal, act it out, video, create a poster or glogster, create a cartoon or claymation, etc.)

Use a fun app to introduce a topic such as Toontastic, Puppet Pals, ShowMe, Yakit, or Tellagami

Create a poll with Poll Everywhere

Engage students with Infuse Learning or Socrative

Organize web content with Blendspace


Nearpod the content and mix with a quiz

Create a Doceri

I used Presentain  to create a mini version of the session and emailed it to all the attendees at the end of the session. I found Presentain to be so easy to use! Load your PowerPoint to the Presentain web site, then give the presentation using your iPhone/smartphone. The software records the voice and the PowerPoint presentation.

Here is a view of the Presentain: CLICK HERE

Finally, I want to put a plug in for Connected Educator Month! The fact that you are reading this blog shows that you like to connect and learn from others. I do, too! There are activities to connect with other educators for every day in October. CEM also provided an excellent tool located here. Today’s topic is about blogging!


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