What Could You Do with $100?

JD Hancock / Foter / CC BY

What could you do with $100? $35?  I will warn you before you read any further – this is not my normal technology post. If you want to stop here, that’s fine! I am also going to ask you for money. I know, you thought I was giving it away…right? Nope. The reason I am changing my post for today is because not only is it Global Awareness Week at our university, but I feel so strongly about taking care of the poor and needy in our world.

We have 4 sponsor children through World Vision. I have visited 2 of them in Ethiopia. I was like many of you. I wondered…

  • Do those kids really exist?
  • Do they REALLY get my letters?
  • Where does my sponsorship money go?

I was very skeptical and had many questions. So I went and visited the World Vision headquarters in Ethiopia. I traveled to the homes of 2 of my sponsor children and it changed my life. Yes – they exist. Yes – they DO get my letters! My sponsorship money goes to healthcare, clean water, education, training for the parents, and so much more than I could imagine. My little girl, Maritha, was definitely poor. Her family lives in a hut that is falling to the side. As a newly sponsored child, her stomach protruded from starvation and worms were growing in her intestines due to gathering water from the local creek. My heart broke. Can you imagine – she was scared of me. She had never seen a white person and I am sure I looked like a sick ghost walking toward her. I found out that I could send money directly to the needs of her family. So upon arriving back to the US, I sent her family $100. The World Vision staff took the money, traveled to her home, and found out the needs of the family. Together they purchased a goat and an ox – highly prized possessions to a struggling family. (Food and farming!) She also received a new dress and shoes. Now, because of my support, she receives medical care and attends school. A new well has been built in her area and she receives clean water.

Last night I received a picture from another sponsor child of mine, Fany. She lives in Congo. I also sent her $100. I received a picture of what World Vision and the family together purchased. I WISH I could post the picture for you, but because of privacy, I won’t. Let me tell you– the look on their faces was pure joy!! Fany’s smile, and the smile of her mom, couldn’t have been any bigger as she stood next to her new mattress in her new school uniform and shoes, The family also purchased shoes for the mom, 2 chairs, 4 notebooks for school, and a shirt for dad. Her hut was in the background and I am sure that sleeping on the mattress will be a wonderful addition to their home! Can you imagine sleeping on the ground all your life and finally receiving a mattress as a gift?

My $35 a month is not a large expense for me. It’s a dinner out ~ and we tend to eat out every Friday night. But to a sponsor child, it means health, clean water, education, and vocational training for the parents. It means the building of a school and medical center – out in the middle of no where. It means farming equipment. It means so much more.

Please consider sponsoring a child. It will change a life! Click HERE –> http://myshare.worldvision.org/jimison


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