NASA’s 5Es for Effective Instruction!

NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center / / CC BY-NC

Back in 2011, I wrote an article titled “Effective Blended Learning Environments” that was published in CCUMC’s College & University Media Review. Just this week I finally received my own hard copy of the journal! It was fun reading back on what I wrote. It was timely knowing that I now work at a university with instructors in blended learning environments!

One thing that I wrote about was NASA’s 5E Instructional model which I feel is very useful when planning a blended learning environment. A summary is below.

  1. Engage. The teacher engages the student and prepares them for understanding. Many teachers like to use a pre-activity, such as “Do Now” with a thoughtful question. Teachers may choose to add a technology element such as an introduction video that piques interest.  iPads have many apps that help teachers prepare quick, fun videos such as Yakit or Doceri.  Even a picture can pique interest!
  2. Explore.  Give students a collaborative activity that allows for sharing and communication. In a blended environment, students may access technology to explore the topic at hand. I realize many teachers give time for exploration after a lecture – but how about before?
  3. Explain.  Now is the time for the teacher or learner to explain the concept. For the students, this may be a reflective process.
  4. Elaborate (extend). Students are able to expand on the concept learned, and elaboration may be given to those students in need. Ask those great critical thinking questions!  Need some help with questions? Here are a few examples.
  5. Evaluate.  The teacher and students evaluate the learning and understanding. This can be done through teacher observations, student interviews, portfolios, assessment, journals, drawings, and so forth. A blended learning environment might invite students to share their insight on a blog or wiki.

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