No Digital Cards!

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes about technology and I have mine as well! Digital cards – NO! All I can say is… I dislike digital cards…greatly dislike. In fact, if I get an email that says to open up a digital card, I delete it. Sorry, it’s true.  In this sense I am still very old fashioned. I like a card to arrive in the mail, signed by hand, with a nicely written message. There is just “something” about sending and receiving snail mail that makes it magical and special.

Puzzler4879 / / CC BY-NC

Christmas is just around the corner and I’ve been thinking about sending cards. I need to get mine started!  I usually begin them early in November. Honestly, last year was the first year I didn’t send out Christmas cards. I didn’t send them because it was a difficult year and I just didn’t want to share about it. So, I decided not to send anything at all. But I missed out – and so did my friends. This year I have been thinking about it early. I am going to make sure I bless my friends with a snail mail card.

J. Paxon Reyes / / CC BY-NC

Be sure to bless your family and friends this year with a nice, hand-written Christmas card! It would be sad to have this beautiful tradition forgotten.


One thought on “No Digital Cards!

  1. I agree 100%, If I did not send snail mail Christmas cards, my elder great-aunts and uncles would never know how much they mean to me. Not everyone can go to a computer to see how much they are thought of and loved. I like to fix cards for all our senior church members. It is always very special to them.

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