Collaborate with One AWESOME Brainstorm Tool!

Our university uses Moodle for its LMS and instructors often use the “forum” or “discussion post” feature. Want to try something new that is a bit more interactive? Try out Padlet! Padlet is a blank canvas on which to share information. Type or enter information on the board by clicking on a blank space and typing. It has an easy drag and drop feature that allows users to drag documents, web links, or even YouTube videos onto the surface to be shared. Keep the wall private for your class, enable permissions, or make it public for the world to see! Padlet is mobile and works on any device. Manage the board layout, wallpaper, and moderate discussions.


I used Padlet last night during my teacher education course. I asked students , “What is one way you can use technology to foster student creativity and thinking?” They responded with text, links, and even a video. The best part of all? The wall embeds into our Moodle course so students may access it any time from there!


Need ideas for classroom use?

  • Use in place of a discussion/forum post
  • Have students create a wall with information regarding course content (Ex. Digital Citizenship, Best Leadership Tips, Probability…the list is endless)
  • Create a wall of content links and resources for your students
  • Export the wall information to a .pdf!

I would love to read YOUR ideas for classroom use. Please give it a test try by writing your idea on this wall:  CLICK HERE. (Sorry, the one disadvantage is that Padlet does not embed into WordPress, so you will need to click the link to go to the live wall. Thanks!) Don’t worry, if you don’t know what to do when you get there, click the video on the wall for a brief tutorial!  Enjoy and I hope to hear from you!


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