Stop Motion and Video Projects

I have long been a fan of claymation films – also known as stop-motion. A few years ago I took my 3rd/4th grade students to San Francisco to work at the Zeum Museum and the Claymation Studio. I was amazed at the work they produced! As much as I adore creating stop-motion films, I also realize they take a LOT of work and a lot of pictures! In fact, my students took hundreds of photos for a 3 min. or so clip.

Stop-motion films are no longer difficult! The MyCreate App helps you create films easily with your iPad or iPhone! Using the built-in camera on your device, easily capture a series of photos and immediately play back in stop-motion animation. Add your own voice or music to the background. I tried a simple (NOTE: simple!) video to test it out. It took  little time, and 39 shots for this 14 second video:

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 3.22.45 PM


If you don’t have a mobile device,  iCreate to Educate has SAM Animation available for both Windows and Mac. Easily snap images frame by frame, add narration and background sounds, edit with paint tools, then share with others!

Teachers…need ideas? How about time lapse videos for math or science concepts or bring a poem to life through animation? 

Grading a video project can be difficult. However, several rubrics are available online:

A+ Rubric Video Project Rubric

Digital Assignment Sheet and Evaluation Rubric

KQED Slideshow/Video Rubric

or create your own with Rubistar.



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