Ed Tech Trends for 2013-2014

OnlineColleges.net provided this great infographic about the major Ed Tech trends in 2013. Have you seen these trends in your classroom or campus this year?


  1. The use of texting/SMS in class. Notify students of class cancellations or emergencies using text or tools such as Twitter or Remind101. Have students participate in class using Poll Everywhere ~ students can text in their answer. If 93% of students use their phone to text, why not use it as a tool?
  2. Social Media. How about creating a Google+ Community page for your class? Share links and discussions in a secure environment.
  3. Free online courses available. Visit OpenCourseWare or Stanford MOOC.
  4. 3-D printing. Well, I can’t say I’ve tried this yet. According to this infographic, I will!

Upcoming trends for 2014:

  1. Universities embrace eBooks. Visit HERE for Academic eBooks.
  2. Virtual college counseling.
  3. Game based learning will become more accepted and effective.
  4. BYOD. Bring your own device!
  5. Universities will become more cloud based.


Major Ed-Tech Trends for 2013


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