Today is #GivingTuesday. It’s quite appropriate after Cyber Monday, don’t you think? We go from a day of spending to a day of giving.

What will you give today?

Brandon Christopher Warren / Foter.com / CC BY-NC
  • Give an encouraging word.  This is something we can ALL do. Can you give an authentic encouraging word to each person you talk to today?
  • Remind101:  Use Remind101 to send out an encouraging text. Of course, if you have never used this tool, you won’t be able to send out a text today, but why not set up encouraging words to text out in the future?  Set up a “group” and ask others to join. Once they do, you may send out a text to the entire group with one push. For teachers, many use this to remind students about homework or tests. However, it can also be used to send encouraging words.  I like the fact that I can set up texts in advance – choose the date, time, and text – and it will do it for you. To those at #Remind101, your app is awesome and I thank you!
  • Give away your stuff. Take some time to go through your closet, attic, cupboards…and give those items away that you no longer use. Let someone else enjoy them! Sure – you can have a garage sale. But you could also donate items to Goodwill or another charity. Do you have extra food in your pantry?  Give some to your local food closet.
  • Give to a child in need.  Why not sponsor a child in another country?  For as little as $35 a month, you can give to their education, health, training, shelter, clothing…much more than you can possibly imagine. It is one of the best things we have done.  Click HERE to choose a child from the country of your choice!
  • Give a loan. #Kiva is simply amazing. We have given loans through Kiva for years. And you know what? Every loan has been repaid. But that’s not the part I like. I like the fact that it can change a life.  For as little as $25 you can create an opportunity to alleviate poverty. Find out more HERE.  #Kiva, your organization is awesome and I thank you!
  • Give time.  Have you been caught up in the busy-ness of life?  Give some personal time. Spend time with family when you get home, chat with a neighbor or co-worker…take some time to stop, grab a cup of coffee, and visit. You’ll be happy you did!  Who is asking for some of your time today?
  • Give of your services.  You are unique and talented and no one else has your gifts and talents. Can you help someone today?
  • Give the gift of prayer. Pray for your family, friends, co-workers, those in front of you and behind you in your car, the government…the list could go on. Never prayed before? That’s okay! There is always a time to start. 🙂 Everyone can use a prayer. And God loves to hear from you!

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