Millennials View of Education

I recently read about the Millennial’s view of the education sector. I decided to put the information into an infographic so that I could absorb and think about the statistics more:

millennials view of education


It’s sad statistics, really. The education sector should be the leaders in innovation, collaboration, and creativity because this is what we want to bring about in our students. Correct? Yet these statistics make some sense to me. Teachers, for years, have taught in the confines of a classroom…surrounded by four walls and isolated from the rest of the classrooms. But I believe this is changing. I am so thankful for my past teaching friends (Kathy and Sheri!) for teaching me about collaboration. We learned how to teach as a team. Our walls extended down the hall into each other’s rooms. Whatever I was doing in my room, so was Kathy…and Sheri… and vice versa. Now, because of mobile devices and tech tools,  collaboration can extend outside our classrooms to other schools and communities around the globe. By using tools such as Google Docs, Skype, and Google Hangout, and even Twitter, lack of collaboration cannot be an excuse. I realize there are still educators and administrators that shun the use of technology tools. But I hope that, through our own collaborative efforts, we can reach out to those who remain blocked within their own four walls and extend a hand to invite them into our collaborative learning communities. We need to do something to change these statistics.

What would YOU do?


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