First 3 weeks of Flip

Image-1 (36)

Today was the first class of week three of my flipped classroom. One reason I enjoy teaching is because I enjoy

working with students.

As a three week take-a-way, one thing stands out…I have more time to get to know the students. Now, I must forewarn you, I have a very small class and so it is easy to get to know just a few students. But I am really enjoying the interaction time! Instead of getting up in front of the class and lecturing, I am using the time for discussion and work on projects.

The students in the course last semester had a hard time with our Digital Portfolio assignment. Students became frustrated because they were unfamiliar with the tools, and I presented “how to” only once during class as a part of the lecture. I then created a screencast after I received so many emails with questions.  This semester was different. We worked on the Digital Portfolio

during class time.

What a difference! It was so nice to be available to help the students  hands-on.

On the down side, some students had problems with the streaming of the video lectures. I am using a web-based program that allows me to insert questions within the video content. They stated that they had problems with the questions zooming by without a chance to answer them. This week I have moved the content to another platform that asks questions at the end of the video. Both sites allow for analytics and I am excited to hear their feedback.

So far it is a positive change!


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