Adonit Jot Script + Heart

You know you’re a teacher when…you love paper products. It may sound silly – but I love paper products…sticky notes, pens, pencils, journals, paper clips, fasteners!  You may not agree, but I’ve been told that most teachers enjoy paper products! That’s one reason I love this technology tool ~ Adonit Jot Script. I am a big Penultimate fan because I enjoy handwriting notes using my iPad. I like the feature of being able to write by hand, as well as sync to my computer or send off quickly in an email. But one thing that bothered me in the past was  illegible writing with my finger or clumsy stylus.

No more! Adonit Jot Script (watch video here) is a fine point stylus for iOS. It boasts a 1.9mm tip. photo (4)

It does require Bluetooth, but works on all iOS devices.  I enjoy it because writing is so much more precise.

photo (5)photo (5) photo (4)

Thinking about a cool Valentine’s Day gift? This is a great choice!



2 thoughts on “Adonit Jot Script + Heart

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with these technologies, Pam. I also like the new stylus + Penultimate. I am finding a learning curve with this combination, so any tips would be appreciated, especially with the Drift feature.

    • I just practiced a little and finally picked up on it! 🙂 When I write without it, it’s not as neat. However, for me it only works with cursive…which I enjoy anyway so that’s okay. If I try to print, I end up taking it off. Did you know you can “anchor” it? Thanks, Matt!

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