S’More Flip


I love using S’More!  S’More was originally intended to create online flyers but I have found that it can do so much more. The first thing that I noticed is that it was EASY to use! Simply click and add content. Even though I offer S’More training on campus, it really doesn’t take much skill. (Hint: the next training session is April 7!)

This semester I have been “flipping” my Technology for Teachers course. It has worked out wonderfully. Although I have found creating and recording my lectures quite time consuming, I do feel that overall my students are benefitting from the added 1:1 time. I use the class time for hands-on computer work and discussion.

Now I am adding S’More to the mix. S’Mores allow you to add any type of content to a decorative web page – text, video, audio, pictures, and forms. The S’More pages easily embed into our learning management system, Moodle. I end up with an attractive page that contains all the “ingredients” necessary for an assignment.

Moodle page

Moodle page

I usually begin with text, then video, and end with a Google form which allows me to formatively assess the learner’s understanding of the content before we begin our discussion in class. It’s a win-win!

Here is a sample of a S’More :


Sorry, sadly…S’Mores do not embed into WordPress. However, they do embed nicely into most other pages. S’Mores also provide you with analytics which can be great for the classroom teacher. It’s a sweet deal…all wrapped up in a nice package for you. (smile.)



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