Great New Way to Spark Creativity!

I am loving a new tool called Tackk! It is a SUPER EASY way for teachers AND students to create and share web pages. Sign up for free (or use your Google email address with a one click log in) and get started simply by pressing “create”.  Quickly add text, images, video, audio, and more.

1.  Click “Create”



2.  Choose a template, or a blank canvas.


3. Click to add content. Note how many choices you have…heading, text, images, video, audio, buttons, maps, skills, and even your email address.


4. Easily search for photos using 500PX. Or, upload your own!


5.  You can even choose a photo from your Instagram account. It’s an easy link!


6.  Finally, add tags so that your Tackk is easily searchable.


Here is a .jpg of the finished product:

See on
How would you use it as an instructor? What would you have students create?


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