10 Great Reasons to Use Lecture Capture!

To meet the needs of various learning styles and better engage our students, William Jessup University offers lecture capture through Panopto. Our classrooms are equipped with excellent tools that capture audio, visual, and the presentation screen. Lecture capture can be powerful to the learning process and benefits both the students and the instructors!

What is lecture capture? It is a way to “capture” or record classroom lectures. The lectures can be recorded at home for the hybrid/flipped classroom, or during class time. Our campus uses Panopto and it simple and easy to use! In fact, instructors at our campus don’t even have to do anything! They can let our IT department know that they want lectures captured, and the lessons will be automatically record for them. “In recent years, lecture capture has gone from a helpful learning aid to an essential utility that more and more universities are using as part of the learning experience. Recent studies have demonstrated that recorded lectures improve student engagement and achievement by providing individual control over the pace of learning and the ability to review complex topics after class.” (Panopto)

Here are 10 great reasons to use lecture capture!

1. It allows students to review material at their own pace. Students can take notes within Panopto! Take a look at this screenshot:


Notice how the PowerPoint slides appear within Panopto. This lecture was recorded with audio and presentation. Teachers have the option to choose what they want recorded – the entire class scene, just the audio and presentation (as above) or just audio. For those reluctant to have themselves recorded during class time, a great option is to record the presentation/screen and audio!

2. It allows those that miss class due to sports or illness to attend virtually. This is very important to students that are involved with sports or miss class due to absence!

3. It offers flexibility with note-taking. Have you ever experienced being in a class where you can’t keep up with the notes? The speaker just talks way too fast? When an instructor records the lectures, students have the ability to go back and fill-in notes that were missed. They can stop, rewind, or pause the teacher and write at their own pace.

4. It allows students to catch up on missed material. Again, this may be due to absence, or it may be due to arriving late or having to leave early. It could be that the student just couldn’t keep up with the lecture! Whatever the reason, being able to go back to the lecture and pause it is a great resource.

5. It provides additional resources to archived lectures (lesson review in preparation for a test).  Archived lessons are wonderful review materials to help prepare for a final exam!

6. It allows students to review difficult material or tutorials for lab work.  The instructor  move on with content when all students haven’t fully grasped the concept. Recorded lectures allow those students to go back and step through the problem/material again.

7. It allows students to closely examine the steps of a demonstrated procedure/problem. If students are in the back of the room, it may be hard to see fine details in class.

8. It benefits students with special needs by allowing them to take notes at their own pace


9. It can be used for hybrid learning/flipped instruction. William Jessup University uses Moodle for its learning management system. This is a great tool for hybrid/blended/flipped classrooms. Instructors and students can also leave “comments” to be viewed by others. Instructors, how about adding some engaging questions in this section? Look here:

10. It allows for English language learners to review the lecture at their own pace. Let’s face it, some of us are fast talkers! Those not as familiar with the English language can struggle. This allows learners to listen again at their own pace.

Finally, lecture capture also benefits instructors! How? Here are 4 great reasons:


  1. Do not have to review material for those that missed class
  2. Can self-reflect on the effectiveness of a lesson
  3. Can record a guest lecturer, with permission
  4. Are able to share lectures between departments: At Eastern Michigan, for example, Fedel utilizes the Panopto recordings of colleagues in disciplines such as athletic training, chemistry, and anatomy. To remind his students what they need to know about osmosis, for example, he links them to a short biology lecture on the subject created by one of his colleagues. “It’s the cooperative business of education,” he says. “We’re building a holistic approach. It’s a very flexible system. It’s dynamic, interconnected, and growing.” http://campustechnology.com/Articles/2013/11/20/6-Innovative-Uses-of-Lecture-Capture.aspx?Page=3

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