None but Jesus.

I am sharing my daughter’s blog with you this morning for Easter. Although I wasn’t there for her run that she is talking about, I do remember her sharing it with me. Can you imagine how hard it would be to carry a big board across your back after completing a long run ? Or even more so, what Christ endured for us? Take up your cross daily and follow Him. Happy Easter!

Bliss + Simplicity

I spent many summers in Mammoth running and training before I moved here. I have one favorite run that tops any other, and it’s still my favorite. Up until this morning, I haven’t ran it since 2012 with my college team. It’s the long run.

I first did a portion of this long run back in high school with Athletes in Action Altitude Project distance running camp. It’s a beautiful route winding through town, down into Shady Rest, under the highway, up a steep climb, down through around the back side of the chalk bluffs, out to Owen’s River, to Hot Creek. Today, it’ll be longer. 

The one thing monumental and life changing about the run? 

Carrying the cross at the end. 

You’re exhausted by the end. Heading onto Owen’s River, it’s flat and you think the end is near, because it is. Until, you climb more hills to get…

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