Interview | Changing the ‘Study’ Paradigm with StudyBlue

I’ve written several times about StudyBlue – a great app for creating flashcards. This interview contains some useful information about StudyBlue. As we approach finals, you may want to look into this app again!

There are some tools for learning that just feel right. What’s better is when they’re actually good for you, and when the results are amazing. This story is about a little company having a big impact, and that provides for students both in high school and college settings, as well as the teachers and professors who help them. As head of company, Becky Splitt brings over 15 years of experience in early stage tech business growth, has worked for Microsoft running MSN’s International business; Christopher Klundt heads technology development and operations, graduated top of class in Computer Science and BioMed Engineering at UW Madison, went straight to work designing the software platform that is now StudyBlue.

Victor: Briefly, why StudyBlue?

Becky: We created StudyBlue to give students the power to create and share online flashcards and study materials for their courses. We realized that, all too often, students have to…

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