2014 Must Read EdTech Blogs: YES!

I’m excited to announce that my WJUEdTech Blog has made the 2014 Dean’s List: 50 Must Read Higher Education IT Blogs EdTech! YES!

“We’ve scoured the Internet for blogs that resonate with the intersection of higher education and technology. These are blogs that set themselves apart for a variety of reasons — they are leading voices in their fields, have hundreds if not thousands of fans and consistently raise the bar for conversation. The majority of these blogs are new to EdTech: Focus on Higher Education‘s honor roll. Some were nominated by our readers, and some are veterans of last year’s list that have stayed on top of our charts.” ~ D. Frank Smith, EdTech Magazine   @DFrank

Yes, I would be one that is new to the roll. I’ve been writing this blog for about a year now. Many of the blogs on this list have inspired me – and I know they will you, too.

I invite you to go and check out all the bloggers ... amazing educators and technologists!

Must-read Higher Ed IT Blog
EdTech’s Must-Read Higher Ed IT Blogs


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