Digital Storytelling Workshop

We finished three awesome workshop days learning about Digital Storytelling. I must say – it was my favorite workshop to date! We had a mixture of staff and faculty. They learned about the 7 Steps of Digital Storytelling created by Joe Lambert from the Center for Digital Storytelling. I experienced Digital Storytelling through a 6 week webinar series and was excited to share what I learned with others. It’s an emotional process – telling a personal narrative.  For me, it was especially hard.  I had to re-write my story a zillion times because I had such a hard time trying to find my true emotion with the story – the “why” behind the story and “why” I wanted to tell it. But, I finally did and enjoyed working through the process.

We spent day one learning about the 7 steps, writing a small 6 minute story, and working in a story circle. The participants wrote their personal narrative draft for homework.  The best part of day one?  The food! I ordered a 6 foot long sub from Togo’s. It was fun watching it being delivered. It took 2 of our student workers just to get it to our room!

Totally cool 6 foot long yumminess

Totally cool 6 foot long yumminess

They are ready for the first bite!

They are ready for the first bite!

Days 2 and 3 we worked in the lab. We spent time giving feedback on stories through story circles. I know that the participants enjoyed the time of collaboration. It was awesome watching individuals from different departments on campus joining together and collaborating.

The last part of our time was learning the technology. We used WeVideo for our story creations. My goal was for participants to focus on the story rather than the technology and I believe we were successful with this. Our lab came in handy for the technical work:

photo (31)


Participants learned about the importance of media selection (visual, voice, and music) and where to access resources. We discussed creating our own media VS choosing media available online.

Our workshop was so successful I decided to offer it again at the end of the summer. There is so much value in telling a story – whether personal, scholarly, content-related, historical, and so on and so on. There are many different ways that digital storytelling can be used in higher education. Here are a few links that I found useful:

UW-River Falls Digital Storytelling (University of Washington)

Hung: PBL & digital storytelling research

Barrett: Digital storytelling research

Digital Storytelling – UC Boulder

Digital Storytelling @UMBC

Digital Storytelling in Higher Education

Powerful Technology Tool for 21st Century

Digital Storytelling for Engaged Student Learning (for a price or check library)

Evaluating the Effectiveness for Student Reflection

 Click below to register for our August session or view a few of our videos created during the workshop:  (WJU Faculty and Staff may register for training only. Sorry!)

See on 


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