Home from Africa!

I’m happy to be home safe and sound from our mission to Ilha de Mozambique – a small island off the east coast of Africa. It was hard yet amazing.  I posted about “Traveling with Tech” right before I left and wanted to let you know how it went!

Ilha de Mozambique has limited Internet service. It was on and off again about the entire time which meant it was difficult to post. But – I did get it to work by posting text rather than pictures. Pictures are much more fun! I posted all my content to Evernote and it was automatically forwarded to Postach.io where it posted to our blog. I found that it was a great way to post! I am able to keep my notes from the trip in Evernote, yet share the notes in a blog format for followers. Again, I wasn’t able to post pictures like I had planned – but I was thankful that I had limited access! Postach.io was very helpful with their tech support as well.  Visit the blog at http://jimison2moz.postach.io/ .  If you are planning a trip this summer, this would be a great way to share about your trip with others!

Here are a few pics to enjoy:

photo (32)


Lee went sailing in this boat during our “beach” day.

photo (33)

“Stone Town” built by the Portuguese. Gorgeous!
photo (34)

Where we stayed.

photo (35)

Beautiful colors!

photo (36)

Neighbor baby! 🙂

photo (37)

Giant prawns! Seriously – the size of lobster tails!

So – today I am back to work. And what was awaiting me?

photo (38)

That’s right! A new Chromebook! Cool. I am excited to test it out and see how it will work for training purposes. I know that Chromebooks are used in education and it is important to understand how they work — including apps available. Many schools in our area, including Rocklin and Roseville school districts are purchasing Chromebooks to use with students and teachers. Stay tuned in for more information!


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