My 3 Words

My 3 Words


If I asked you to choose 3 words to focus on this year – for what is left of it – what words would you choose?  I thought about it myself and chose joy, innovative, and balance. I’ll share with you why.

Joy:  I’ve really tried to focus on this one since New Year’s. It’s not always easy to be joyful – but as a follower of Christ, there is a verse that says, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”  I may not always feel joyful, but knowing God always has my back makes me joyful. His strength gives me joy. I am choosing joy.

Back in January I decided to try to “spread a smile” each day to someone new. It’s hard to do sometimes. But when I focus on giving a smile to someone else, it brings joy. Yes, it does! Try it. Next time you are down, do something kind for someone else. Give a smile to someone who needs it. It will take your eyes off your own problem and bring joy to someone else and to you.

Innovative:  I battled with this word. Part of me wanted to choose “creative” and part of me wanted to choose “innovative”. They work great hand-in-hand. As a fan of and Design Thinking, I want to make sure I remain creative and innovative. While creativity is about “unleashing the potential in your mind“, innovation can be measured. It is taking that creativity and unleashing it into innovation. I am constantly thinking of ways to be innovative to improve my own teaching practice, student learning, and productivity on our campus. I still need to work on this one.

Balance: I am a strong believer in living a balanced life. I make a point of prioritizing all aspects of my life. Physical, mental, spiritual, social – they all need to balance.  I even try to remain balanced with my nutrition. I make time to ride my bike after work. I make time to relax. I make time to have my smartphone put away and focus on the relationship near me.  I have learned to say no to answering non-essential work email from home. If you struggle with work vs. home life, take time to consider why and the ramifications of letting one take over the other.

I’d love for you to comment with your 3 words! What would you choose?


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