Stay on Top with ClassOwl

“Imagine if YOUR students always came to class prepared.” ~ClassOwl

I recently ran across a new tool called ClassOwl.  It was created by a group of Stanford sophomores desiring to improve the challenge of  organizing class deadlines and assignments. “Our  vision is that students will come to school knowing exactly what they need to do for class, and as a result come engaged, prepared, and ready to learn. By becoming better learners, we envision that every student will make the most of their education!” Isn’t that what we want for our students? Yes! I was able to get on the “early bird list” as an instructor and am excited to test it out in my courses.  As an instructor, I signed up and input my class deadlines and due dates. It was a bit of prep work, but if students enjoy it, it will be worth my time. The interface is clean and easy to use.

One nice feature of ClassOwl is the ability to update assignments easily and instantly inform students of the change or update. “Whether  your students are looking at their phone, online, or any other device — you’ll be able to reach them instantly. You can update assignments or due dates, and students will immediately receive a push notification letting them know of the change right then and there. A great reminder for students who missed the announcement in class or for last minute changes, ClassOwl keeps your students up-to-date.”  There is a comment functionality for students so that they may easily ask questions regarding the assignment. Best of all – it is free!

I will be interested to see how many of my students will utilize this tool. I will offer it – but not as a requirement. We do use Moodle and all of our deadlines are on Moodle. Some students may not want to view the assignments on another tool or app. However, others may like the ability to have push notifications for due dates. They may also enjoy the comment/question feature. So, I’ll test it out!  I see the REAL advantage with entire schools using the tool because students can see all the due dates for ALL classes in one calendar. That would be nice for many students!


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