Do I or Don’t I? Powerful Presentations.


Here is a simple list of Do’s and Don’ts for creating presentations…


  • Create a .pdf version of your file as a backup.
  • Be prepared for formatting changes. Your presentation may appear different on a different computer .
  • Print out your slide outline in case you have technical difficulties.
  • Use a 36 or larger point font.
  • Use easy to read fonts…remember…many may need to be seen from the back of the room!
  • Use bullet points. Break up the information – do not write out entire paragraphs unless it is a quote. Keep the number of bullets to 5.
  • Keep the number of words in a bullet to 10.
  • Use consistent transitions.
  • Use quick transitions (don’t choose the “slow” transition).
  • Keep your colors consistent, fonts consistent, background consistent!
  • Limit the amount of material.
  • Display images.
  • Use it to facilitate note-taking and bring structure to the lecture.
  • Graphically represent concepts.
  • Convey passion and emotion with your voice! Walk around the room.
  • Get a wireless presenter so that you may step away from the podium.
  • Make contact with your audience.
  • Try telling stories.


  • Do not use light colored fonts.
  • Do not use patterned backgrounds.
  • Use a font size smaller than 36.
  • Write too much information.
  • Use the publisher powerpoint slides without viewing first. Are they really what you want to use? Do they contain the necessary information?
  • Do not use out-dated material.
  • Do not use only slides. Non-stop slides can be boring. Interrupt the material with discussion questions and activities.
  • Do not overuse animations.
  • Do not read word for word without paraphrasing or elaborating.
  • Do not put too much information on a slide. Sometimes less is more.
  • Do not be tied to the front of the room.
  • Do not clash colors. Do they work together?
  • Do not use slide transition sounds unless there is a specific reason you need it.

Finally, try something new!

Visit:  Haiku Deck, PowToon, Prezi, Slides, SlideRocket, Slides, Doceri, SlideShark, SlideIdea

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