I have always been a doodler. Whenever I am at a meeting, I can listen for so-long, then feel the need to start drawing. If I am taking notes, I will often draw what I am thinking. About a year ago, I found out there was an actual name for what I was doing – taking a sketchnote!

Sketchnoting is taking visual notes while listening to a presentation, video, or even reading! I have started taking sketchnotes for my morning devotions and have found that I am remember more what I have read because a visual representation is sketched in my mind.

photo (50)

Sketchnoting is a mixture of texts, fonts, and images. The images can be very simple and you do not need to be an artist to create a sketchnote. If you look at my picture above, I drew a stick figure with a circle head and triangle body because I can’t draw people! If you can draw a square, line, and circle, you can certainly create a sketchnote. Graphic organizers have been used for a long time in note-taking and a sketchnote considers how thoughts and facts connect. Watch this quick video about sketchnoting:

Braindoodles has some great lessons on visual note-taking. Mike Rhode’s book on Sketchnoting is the one that started me on visual note-taking. This article also gives many ideas for sketchnoting and offers some technology solutions. My absolute favorite source is Kathy Schrock’s page on Visual Note-taking. There you will find links on research, article, books, and videos.

I gave a sketchnote assignment to my teacher candidate students. They had to find out their multiple intelligences and create a sketchnote  about MI in the classroom. I received many outstanding sketchnotes. Here is an amazing example:

Evernote Snapshot 20140918 101047

Meet the candidate HERE. (He is also a talented musician.)

I encourage you to give sketchnoting a try. It can help you formulate ideas, and remember them better.


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