24 Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom!

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Have you ever used Google Forms in your classroom? It is SO easy to use! Why use Google forms? How about a list of 24 great ideas…

  1. Create a Quiz.  Google form lets you easily create a quiz with multiple choice, check-box, text, and paragraph answers. You can even add images and videos to your forms!
  2. Entry Ticket or Exit Ticket.  Collect responses from your class regarding course content. If they had home, send the form at the beginning of class to find out how well they absorbed the material. Or, give the form at the end of class before they exit the room!
  3. Poll.  Create an easy poll and let students vote on their answer!
  4. Create a class survey – any topic!
  5. Create a “Getting to Know You” questionnaire
  6. Prayer requests (for schools where you can do this!)
  7. Question of the week.  Have students generate one question they have and submit each week. You can choose to answer the questions in class, or use the questions in a class discussion.
  8. Create an invitation
  9. Students may take notes in a Google form. Share the spreadsheet with the class so they all have access to the notes.
  10. Speaker evaluation
  11. Goal setting.  Ask students to set course goals using the form. Collect the information. At the end of the course, send another form to find out if they met their goal.
  12. Assign a topic.  Allow students to choose from a list their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice. You may also want to have them choose a partner.
  13. Personal Reflection
  14. “Flipped Classroom” assignment.  Include the video/lecture link and questions all in one form. This will embed into your learning management system. We use Moodle.
  15. Debrief a field trip
  16. Quick-write on any topic
  17. Behavior management
  18. Document your own professional development.  Fill out the form yourself any time you attend a training session or view a webinar! Let the spreadsheet keep track for you!
  19. Create a book review
  20. Peer grade class presentations
  21. “How are you today?” check-in
  22. Ask students to submit 3-5 words and use these words to create a Wordle.
  23. Arrange a meeting
  24. Brainstorm

Basically, if you want to gather data, it can be done using a Google form! Forms are visually attractive. It’s easy to add headings, pages, video, and images. Forms can be sent to individuals via email, or embedded into a learning management system. Decide whether respondents can see the responses or if they will be kept private. It’s up to you!


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