Typing, Simplified

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Office Lens can be a life-saver! I wish I had known this yesterday. My son wrote a paper for his college English class. Long story short, his computer crashed. Luckily, he had a paper version already printed out. Bad news – the professor wanted the digital version to turn in through Turnitin. So, he spent the evening re-typing his paper.

I stumbled upon Office Lens just this morning and wish I would have known then what I know now! On first appearance, Office Lens is similar to a scanner. But it does more than just scan – it actually converts the digital copy to a Word or PowerPoint document that can be edited with amazing accuracy!

To test it out, I took a picture of this page from The Power of Our Words by Paula Denton, EdD using Office Lens:

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.05.07 PM

It then took this image and created a Word document, complete with formatting, that I could edit on my iPad or computer. (Don’t worry – I won’t edit this amazing book!)

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.08.02 PM

Pretty awesome, right? You can even take a picture of a whiteboard and it will trim the edges, clean up the glare and shadows, then allow you to open it up in Word, PowerPoint, or save as a PDF to OneDrive.

There are many scanning apps out there, but the flattening effect of this one is great.


Integrating Technology with Project Based Learning… Four Indicators to Blend the Learning

Read this great post by 21st Century Educational Technology and Learning on PBL and Technology. Make sure you check out the SAMR link as well!

21 st Century Educational Technology and Learning


Welcome to this April post designed to look at the idea of technology and PBL. In my work at the BUCK Institute (BIE). I am often asked about the relationship of PBL and technology. This post is designed to give you my best reflection as to how they can work together. Also, be on the look out for my next few series… entitled the ABC’s of PBL and Deeper Learning, Going Beyond the Tech Shine,  and also… 40 great education sites to discover in 2015. First, to ensure you do not miss a valuable post or other resources covering PBL, Digital Curriculum, Web 2.0, STEM, 21st century learning, and technology integration, please sign up for 21centuryedtech by email or RSS. As always, I invite you to follow me on twitter (@mjgormans). Please give this post a retweet and pass it on. Have a great week – Michael Gorman (21centuryedtech)

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Everyone Needs Encouragement

Life has its struggles.

I know that my student teachers  work really hard. They are exhausted. I was trying to think of a creative way to encourage them. I decided to send some encouraging words – on a photo…because…I enjoy a photo with text!

I downloaded PicLab HD to test.  They offer a beautiful selection of artwork and overlays to add to photos. Not only that, I enjoy the handwritten font choices. It was quick and easy.

Here is the finished product:


Short, Sweet Stories

Life is full of stories…

  • funny
  • sad
  • instructional
  • etc.

I love Prezi’s newest app – Nutshell. Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 8.03.36 AM

It is so SIMPLE to use and turns your pictures into a short, sweet story to share with others.

All you do is snap 3 pictures, add captions, choose graphics and press play.

Nutshell turns it into an awesome video which can be shared through messaging, email, or social media.

I tested it out yesterday, not really knowing what I was doing…

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 8.08.46 AM

Click picture

This morning I tried another one with my breakfast! I’m having fun with this one!

Click Image

Click Image

Oh yes, you’ll love this app! Think about how you could use it in the classroom…portfolio samples, student work, projects, short story, capture student attention … be creative!

DOWNLOAD from iTunes ~ for FREE!

Best New Apps for April!

Yes, there are some great new apps and web sites out there just in time for spring!

1. Have you seen Google’s Smartbox by Inbox? It’s a mixture of physical mail and the inbox:

Click here to read more about it!

2. #Chromeselfie – Show your friends how you feel about articles!

3. Wiffi – A new way to connect to wifi.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 8.24.51 AM

4. The NEW Google search tool – try it out!

5. Amazon Dash – You’ll never run out of laundry soap again. Just press and it will be shipped to you from Amazon!

I hope you enjoyed these new products! And oh yes, Happy April 1st!