Response Systems without the Clicker

Clicker systems are a great way to gather student responses. However, it requires either the school or the student to purchase a clicker. There are many free tools (or low cost tools) available today without having to purchase a clicker.

Poll Everywhere

Ask your audience a question and allow them to respond using a web browser, Twitter, or mobile phone. This flexibility of choice is nice! Poll Everywhere is free and easy to use. There are advanced features, that have an additional fee, such as grading, attendance, and response moderation.


Socrative is another web-based student response system. Run quick questions, quizzes, and even games. Socrative Videos is a great source for learning more about all the features. Students may respond using laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Get instant feedback AND reports.


GoSoapBox is another free web-based clicker tool. One nice feature that GoSoapBox offers is the confusion barometer:

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 3.39.37 PM

Students simply indicate whether they “get it” or not. Create real-time polls and quizzes and like the other tools, download the reports.

There are many more tools out there. I haven’t tried them all – but feel free to explore them until you find one that works for you! I’d love to hear your thoughts on student response systems and web-based clickers!



Learning Catalytics (free for instructors, costs for students)


**NEW addition (Thanks to Derek’s comment!)  Kahoot!



5 thoughts on “Response Systems without the Clicker

  1. Great resources to use in a BYOD classroom. Looking forward to trying the confusion barometer with GoSoapBox. It seems like a very good use for exit slips.
    My personal favorite is not here this site engages the students far better than Socrative and Poll Everywhere because it is set up to be more competitive in nature. It is set up like a trivia game at a bar and allows use of pictures or short video clips with the question. Very easy to set up question and share with others.

  2. Have just started using Socrative and introducing it to our faculty. Really appreciate the ease of use and also all the functionality. Kahoot! is also good for more of a game based feel.

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