Frames Just for Fun!

This site is simply fun. Frame is a web site that will take any photo and place it into a scene for free! It takes four easy steps:

  1. Choose your scene (all technology related)
  2. Upload a screenshot or photo…or enter the URL of a site you want to showcase!
  3. Adjust the cropping
  4. Download the photo! (Or share via Facebook or Twitter)

That’s it!

Here are some scenes I’ve tested:


1a9690e9-07aa-4838-9604-cf9b9485a524 97f6c3c3-9ed9-47d1-8545-99826d73a702 b6b82204-a644-4a6f-9311-26b05ffe9247 a3c56e8e-5dfc-48d4-8acd-cdb54ed9640f Cocoa

And, just for fun…I tried my own picture!



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