Formative Assessment Infographic

I’ve had a great time preparing my formative assessment infographic to show ideas for assessment with and without the aide of technology. Do you have ideas for formative assessment? Please share in the comment section below!

formative assessment


I am an Educational Technologist at William Jessup University. I am a passionate, productive follower of Christ who enjoys technology, reading, travel, and baking. My favorites: chocolate, coffee, and cycling!

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22 comments on “Formative Assessment Infographic
  1. Jean Pesce says:

    This is great example of an Infographic presentation for those with or without technology to implement the message. I will try to distribute it to colleagues if our system doesn’t block it.

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  3. […] to be a little more nebulous, and perhaps harder to nail it down with technology. Luckily, the handy infographic below gives a number of great ideas on formative assessment with AND without technology. Keep reading to […]

  4. I love your inforgraphic! Engaging and helpful. What do you use to create your infographics? I would love to ‘steal’ this style.

  5. Emphasizing the role of formative assessment as part of instruction, is a great idea after the seemingly unending focus on the high stakes assessment. Steve Peha recently collected some research on “most effective learning techniques” where he highlighted that student self-assessment is one of the most effective tools. The success of my site, VocabularySpellingCity, I think is partially due to putting the power of self assessment and student-controlled learning into the students’ hands.

  6. Dodi says:

    This is great! May I use it in a session we are giving for our faculty?

  7. Sure, I’d love to add as an option under the “Using Technology” but otherwise you have it spot on!

  8. […] Formative Assessment Infographic | WJU EdTech A formative assessment infographic to show ideas for assessment with and without the aide of technology. […]

  9. Jen Smith says:

    I love that you created a graphic that describes formative assessment as part of instruction, not just at the end. I will share it out for sure!

  10. Doug Silver says:

    I have seen a web-base application for teachers of writing that captures and supports your message. Students get to access their own data about their formative assessments in

  11. […] Formative Assessment Infographic. […]

  12. scotthabeeb says:

    Nice graphic.

    You’d appreciate this site on AFL (formative assessment)

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Pam Jimison

Educational Technologist

I am a passionate, productive, follower of Christ serving at William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA. I work as the Educational Technologist, adjunct faculty, and student teacher supervisor. I have taught 24 years in K-12 education, as well as experience working as a Technology Coordinator and school principal.

I enjoy cycling, blogging, baking, teaching, and technology!

I eat chocolate every day.

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