Happy Birthday Piktochart!

Infographics are graphics that provide information. There are three parts to infographics – visuals, content, and the knowledge. Statistics and facts usually form the content, although there are other forms of information that could be used. The information and graphic should somehow give insight into the topic and this is the knowledge. Faculty can easily create infographics to provide visuals to students for course content, and students in turn can create infographics to portray their understanding and research.

One tool that I have written about is a great web-based infographic creator – Piktochart.

Their easy-to-use-templates make it possible for anyone to create a visually stunning infographic! (Over 100 free templates available!)

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 8.57.36 AM

AND…Piktochart turns 3 in March! Piktochart is committed to nurturing creativity in school and colleges. Through March they will be giving out free PRO Piktochart packages to teachers to use Piktochart in the classroom. The PRO package includes 1 year access to 30-40 students (a $300 value!). So…how do you get yours?

“If you are a school practitioner (teacher/lecturer at any educational institution at any age from anywhere in the world) and are interested in this giveaway, please submit a 1-minute video of you and your students on why you would like to receive a PRO subscription on Piktochart and how you will use it in your class. Tell us where you are from and the name of the school you are teaching at. Next, upload the video on YouTube, title it “Piktochart’s 3rd Anniversary” and email me atstanislava@piktochart.com to let us know that the video has been uploaded. We will get back to you soon after. Videos must be submitted between the 1st and 31st of March 2015.

Terms and Conditions:
– Videos may be shared on our social media pages and/or featured on the blog
– Limited to the first 500 video applicants
– Piktochart is at sole discretion of deciding on the final recipients of the giveaway
– Terms and conditions may change without prior notice”

It’s a little early to submit a video yet – but start thinking about what you could do! It’s easy to tape yourself using a cell phone. Don’t stress over it! Just get it done. 🙂

Click the picture to see my Piktochart!

formative assessment


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